Case Studies

Here are some examples of how we’ve helped brands like yours scale up for success.

54% Revenue Growth in 90 days

We’ve helped one of our client brands scale their Seller Central revenue from $350,000/month to $540,000/month…in just 3 months.

That’s an increase of 54% in monthly revenue.

Annually, that’s an additional $1.8million in revenue. 

Scaling up to 5X Ads Revenue

We’ve helped another 5X their Amazon Advertising Revenue from €235,000 in December 2017 to €1.2million in December 2018.

This is Unicorn started working with the brand in June 2018, scaling up their PPC campaigns to achieve their biggest Q4 ever

Plus, we maintained a stable ACoS under 6%.

What our clients say about us

One of the main things that stands out in our relationship with This is Unicorn is their respect for our brand objectives to ensure their Amazon advertising strategy was tailored to meet them. Before working with the agency we were having challenges maintaining ACOS at the same time as scaling up. Since our detailed ad strategy was created and implemented we have seen a significant increase in sales, as well as a drop in ACOS.
Manasi Gangan
Founder & President, Nested Bean
Since working with This is Unicorn in July 2018, we have managed to increase our revenue as well as expand our market position across all EU marketplaces in only 6 months. Not only have they helped us increase sales considerably, the agency is extremely responsive to any questions or doubts we may have and are in constant communication with our team to ensure we are all on the same page.​
Ana Sofia Diaz
Senior Ecommerce Manager, Nixplay
The main selling point for us was knowing that the Unicorn team had expertise knowledge of the Amazon platform. Working together has provided us with new ways to improve the selling experience for both the customer and ourselves. The relationship has allowed us to promote our brand in a different way, improve our marketing and have access to experts which has given us an all round, professional finish to our Amazon selling that we couldn’t have achieved on our own.​
Graeme Gilpin
Owner & Director, G-Rack

A few of the awesome brands we work with

About This is Unicorn

We are a Amazon Consultancy based between London, UK and Barcelona, Spain. We help brands grow on Amazon.

We’re Amazon Sellers ourselves: we’ve created and launched brands on Amazon in the US, UK and Europe, which means we know first-hand the challenges our clients face day in, day out. Our expert team has all the skills in-house that you need to grow your brand. 

We work with both Amazon Vendors, Amazon Sellers and Hybrid-model brands. Our services include Amazon Ads management, Listing Optimisation, Enhanced Brand & A+ Content creation, Storefront creation, Account Management and Translation Services.

Our clients value our in-depth Amazon knowledge and expertise, love our personal approach to understanding their brand and trust us to grow their sales successfully.

Elise caption blah blah blah
Elise P A Jackson
Founder & CEO, This is Unicorn
“Hi, I’m Elise! I’ve built brands on Amazon across the US, UK and EU marketplaces. I’ve also spent countless hours figuring out the inner workings of the Amazon platform & A9 algorithm.

Previously, I managed the eCommerce strategy for clients such as Burberry, L’Oreal, Unilever and P&G in London and New York.

I LOVE seeing our clients succeed. Would you like us to help you, too?”