Elise Jackson is an experienced Amazon seller. She’s grown her most recent Amazon brand from Zero to 6-figures in just 6 months.

Before flying solo as an Amazon Seller Elise managed clients such as Burberry, L’Oreal, Unilever and P&G in London and New York. Elise LOVES seeing her clients succeed. That’s why she started This is Unicorn, to combine her passion for eCommerce and her passion for client work.

WARNING for the people of London: Elise is a VERY enthusiastic and friendly Northerner. Do not be alarmed.

Gianluca Trombetta is a technologist turned marketer. He is obsessed about process automation and uses his strong tech background to automate the marketing machine for his own brands and for his clients’.

For 15 years, he consulted for several companies from corporate to startups (many of which located in the London tech startup scene) before switching to e-commerce three years ago, when he created his first e-commerce brand with Elise in a weekend and got hooked!